How to maximise your branding in the workplace and your business environment.

The first time you walk into someone’s home you immediately get a feel for the type of person they are, whether that be chilled out and relaxed or extremely organised.

The same is also true when a client comes to your office for the first time.  If they walk in to a bog standard room with four plain walls, a couple of desks and a chair, they won’t feel a positive impact from your business even if your business has been highly recommended to them.  Potential customers and clients will form an impression the minute that they enter your workplace.

So, you have taken the time to build your business and communicate your brand image consistently and you have created an image that people associate with your brand. Through lots of hard work and patience you have built up a glowing reputation.  But have you missed one small thing?  How to maximise your branding in the workplace and your business environment. 

Branded environments

Benefits of a branded environment can include improved brand position and communication, better customer recognition and differentiation from competitors.  Amongst your team, benefits may include higher employee satisfaction and retention, increased productivity, and better understanding of an organisation’s mission, vision and values.

Tiny cafe 

The image above shows some clever branding by ‘tiny café’, they have used their small premises as their branding and through clever use of colours in their décor the café  looks much more open and spacious. Image via Pinterest.

Make use of existing features

Your office or business space may already have numerous features that can be transformed into perfect branding fixtures. Using natural light you can enhance features. For offices that are a bit darker, you may want to experiment with brighter colours or mirrors, this will add an element of elegance and charm to an otherwise bland office space.

Office space

This office makes great use the space under the window which also gives natural light and an amazing view. Image via Pinterest.

Use the colour scheme from your logo or website

When branding an office, you could use the colours from your logo or website as accent colours in your office space.  Straight away this will create a cohesive message that clients will identify with your business. You can use accent colours for any soft furnishings and chairs.'s London office

‘’s’ office design clearly shows that they offer an innovative print design service.  Image via Pinterest.

Create a suitable vibe

By identifying the ideal atmosphere or vibe for your target client or customer, you can amplify it in your choice of décor, you can also help your staff stay ‘on brand’ and in touch with your clients.  It will make your office a more personalised work environment.

Skype's Sweden office

 The image above via Pinterest shows a seating cluster in Skype offices, creating a fun and inviting meeting area in a contemporary style.

‘Vanessa Grape’ is now working with small, medium and growing businesses to help them to redesign the layout and interiors of their offices, reception areas and meeting rooms. So if you run a business whether it is a café, restaurant, communications agency, shop or office contact us for more details.  We are keen to work with you to make sure your business premises are giving the right message to your clients and staff.  Email us at for more information.


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